Working together is success

There is magic in what we do

RegentCares is a full-service procurement management and solutions company for the healthcare industry.  We strive to obtain maximum profitability for our clients while offering them innovative solutions that help create efficiencies within their healthcare organization. 

Our many years of healthcare procurement experience allows us to provide our clients with knowledge of many major brands and cost saving products within our industry.  We have access to thousands of products at competitive prices as well as strong relationships with many national manufacturers and local distributors.  We utilize sophisticated reporting and trend analysis tools which help ensure budgetary targets are met as well as identify supply chain cost savings for our clients.

Our many years of healthcare management experience also allows us to provide our clients with knowledge of policies and procedures as well as an understanding of supply management to help streamline a departments day-to-day operation.  This helps contain unnecessary disruptions and crisis situations created by disorganization within a department in turn allowing employees to focus their attention on what matters most, the care they are providing to their residents.

To further ensure that our clients needs are met every step of the way we also keep our entire process as transparent as possible.  This eliminates the opportunity for disconnect between ourselves and our clients and also allows them see that we truly have their best interests at heart.



Let us do what we do best, helping your employees focus on what they do best