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With Healthcare Reform being passed, major changes to Healthcare providers are being driven by Washington. Consequently, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to ensure that they can provide the same level of care to the communities they serve, despite what is likely to be diminishing revenues.

As a Procurement Services Provider with significant experience in Healthcare Strategic Sourcing and Solutions, RegentCares will help maximize the value you receive in exchange for the precious dollars you spend. One of the ways we accomplish this is by leveraging the latest procurement technologies for improved supply and supplier management, eliminating your Healthcare organization from having to take on the risks of additional payroll and resources that are typically required to achieve similar results.

Simply put

The cost of medical care is a visible and tricky issue.  And it’s only getting trickier as new regulations affect reimbursement models and the aging baby boomers demand more care.  Healthcare providers cannot increase reimbursements, but with our help they can Control Costs. RegentCares Centralized Purchasing System is your One Stop Shop that will help you Maximize your Healthcare Organizations Performance and Increase Profitability.

Are you ready to increase your profits?  New research shows that shifting your focus from revenue growth to procurement savings can help make it happen!  Do you want to improve the quality of care provided by your staff?  Here’s where the RegentCares Centralized Purchasing System can help.  Our solutions cover everything from e-procurement to budget monitoring and spend analysis.  We will help you deliver repeated cost savings while improving quality and compliance within your Healthcare Organization.  Here’s how it works:

Let’s say your dietary director needs to order an apple, they would simply log into the RegentCares Centralized Purchasing System, load their “Order Guide”, choose the apple they want, enter the quantity needed and hit submit.  It really is that simple!  Entire orders are generally placed within minutes, allowing your director more time to focus on other duties.

Once an order is received, the RegentCares Centralized Purchasing System automatically selects the vendor with the lowest submitted price from the network of vendors you have established for your Healthcare Organization.  In an effort to gain and keep your business, vendors are encouraged to submit their lowest possible prices on a weekly basis.  This keeps pricing sharp and also gives you real time visibility.  This also ensures that you are getting the best deal, every time an order is placed!

Once an order is approved by the RegentCares Purchasing Department, a PO (Purchase Order) is automatically generated and emailed directly to the vendor for processing.  At the same time, the director is emailed an Order Confirmation.  The order confirmation simply lets the director know what products to expect and from what vendor.  The order confirmation can be printed out and used to check in orders as they arrive, ensuring that they receive exactly what they ordered.

To View a Sample Purchase Order
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To View a Sample Order Confirmation
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RegentCares Centralized Reporting Services

makes savings highly visible and allows for constant improvement in costs and performance. RegentCares customers have access to various Reporting Services that will help Increase Transparency, Decrease Loss and Enhance Revenue Protection.  Some of the reports available to our customers are:

Organizations total spend during a year, month, week or day, your choice and broken down by department (pictured above)

Vendor total cost as well as both Category and  Sub-Category spend during a specific time period (pictured above)

Other Reporting Services available through the RegentCares Reporting Services Dashboard are (but not limited to) Specific Item History, Price History Trends, PPD Reports and so much more.  All readily available to you from just about any platform.

RegentCares Centralized Purchasing System offers powerful governance and trust by setting up multi-level organizational hierarchies.  You will have the ability to control data level access rights across departments and locations. You can also tailor-make any number of roles and provide permissions based on your organizational needs.  We help keep the control where it belongs – in your hands.

You can also reduce your paper footprint by dragging and dropping all your invoices into the RegentCares Centralized Purchasing System or we can do it for you!

RegentCares Centralized Purchasing System can be up and running instantly.  With an easy step-by-step process, you can import and export information in a breeze.  Plus have the ability to store unlimited amounts of information – all easily searchable, with a click of a mouse or swipe of a finger and access it from wherever you are, instantly. We simplify everything for you and so much more!

      • Create and measure organizational spending

      • Plan projects and prevent overtures

      • Gather data and forecast for the future

      • Track requisitions, approvals, purchase orders and expenses live

      • Produce up-to-the-minute reports effortlessly

      • Access data from anywhere – embrace the cloud

RegentCares also helps manage your organizations departmental budgets effectively as well as make Contingency-Based recommendations on efficiency savings and process improvements, covering key factors such as inventory management, contract negotiation, menus and comparable cost-saving equipment and supplies.  We do this and so much more for each department under our management.

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