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Our approach takes the guess work out of supplier sourcing

Most Healthcare Procurement Companies utilize the same concept of trying to save money for their clients by obtaining better pricing from their suppliers, but is getting a better price always the better deal?  Below are the three most important things we at RegentCares consider when choosing a supplier.  It’s important to understand the actual cost of a supplier’s failure in any of these categories:

Rest assured, RegentCares Respects your Existing Business Relationships.  We will analize the services provided by your current suppliers (be it pricing, terms, etc.) and will Negotiate with them in an effort to further Strengthen an Existing Relationship.  Between the efforts of RegentCares as your Procurement Management Partner, the Suppliers as well as your Staff and Administration, together our efforts will provide Stability and Improved Care within your Healthcare Organization, all while Protecting and Improving your Bottom Line.

Some of our most trusted suppliers

No matter your location, we have the resources to service your needs.